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Originally Posted by houkoholic
...[Hirano Aya] hasn't worked on as a fulltime seiyuu because she's been doing an idol group call Springs for the last few years. If you want catering to moe, Aya definitely knows it better because she's been a professional idol, which is more than you can say for even the most famous idol seiyuu....
While it's true that she has been in an actual idol group ("Springs"), I don't think it's true to say she did it for "the last few" years. All of their singles and their one album appear to have been released in 2003. I think it's more accurate to say that she was briefly in an unsuccessful idol group. By the way, people can see some of their performances and interviews on YouTube. Aaya wasn't the lead singer, as far as I can tell from videos. But she had already done several TV commercials and some anime before she was in the group.

As for the rest of the cast, they all seem to do a good job to me, but the only one who has made me sit up and take notice is Fukuhara Kaori ("Kaorin") as Tsukasa in the last 2-3 episodes. Moe may be common, but moe of that intensity and interest is not. I actually find Katou Emiri's delivery as Kagami kind of rushed or awkward, so that I don't get the force of her lines. But that may just be me, since so many other people seem to like her delivery. Tsundere is one of my least favorite types.

Yui's VA, Nishihara Saori, is almost 40, and this is her first credited anime role. She has been doing commercials and narration before. More info about the seiyuus here. And of course, Sasaki Nozomi is who I'm waiting for, too. I have nothing bad to say about Chihara Minori, and I like her singing, but her role as Yuki was so limited that it didn't prove much, and I haven't seen her previous work.

"Japan is hardly roses all around" (houkoholic) seems like a bit of an understatement to me. The Japanese news seems full of corrupt commercial and political machinations of various kinds. I get the sense -- perhaps unjustified -- that certain worlds in Japan are really the "war of all against all." My sense is that Japanese courtesy hides intense and generalized interpersonal competition. Is this true?
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