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Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo View Post
"Japan is hardly roses all around" (houkoholic) seems like a bit of an understatement to me. The Japanese news seems full of corrupt commercial and political machinations of various kinds. I get the sense -- perhaps unjustified -- that certain worlds in Japan are really the "war of all against all." My sense is that Japanese courtesy hides intense and generalized interpersonal competition. Is that true?
Well I've always had the impression that Japanese politicians have huge egos and wish to satisfy them in whatever way they find necessary. Shinzo Abe for one is said to be extemely nationalistic and he has even been accused of attempting to censor the NHK to avoid any unflattering portrayals of Japan. This can be read about here. Also you would imagine that Japan would have a corruption index of the lowest caliber being a developed nation, but it is only ranked 21 of the least corrupt countries making it one of the lowest ranked nations of any developed country.

Also you saw what happened with the Yukana incident in the Zeta Gundam movies right. After it become clear that neither would budge it just disintegrated into mudslinging and well I'm glad Yukana came back from it, but what the heck girls.

One last thing, if you are Korean and in Japan, I've heard you are treated extremely poorly, though Romi Paku has managed against all odds to transcend this. She is of Zainichi Korean descent, which you can read up on here. Although she was born in Japan I doubt she had an easy time growing up.

About Chihara Minori, I have seen other voice work of hers and I have to say I think that her role as Yuki wasn't limited, but that that was about all she can do. It's no surprise that she has seemingly been cast in this type of role again. She just doesn't seem to have any drive or passion in her roles, whether she's doing a quiet character like Yuki or a cutesy character like Aya Natusme or Toua in the upcoming Dragonaut the Resonance. She's just kind of boring really and as such I'm not expecting much from her and I don't think Kyoto Animation is either judging by the limited role they've given her. She'll probably do an ending song and that is why she's here, because she can do that quite well. Otherwise I can think of at least three people including Misato Fukuen, Omi Minami and Naoko Watanabe who would fit the bill far better.

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