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First of all, can we stop with this all-in-bold letters way of posting? It comes across as shouting to some folks, and it's just as bad as writing smilies that can be interpreted as condescending.

Originally Posted by DeX-kun View Post
I never denied the fact that becoming a singer comes with responsibilities but it's not like everyone that can sing and wants to have a career in that has the ability to stop an alien race from destroying humanity.
Just one thing... What you say here is true, but it's also true that Ranka's singing does have the power to save humanity. You can't deny that no matter what you think of the character, whether you hate or love her. She's specifically selected for this purpose, and she does realize the significance of it. I would find it troubling if she didn't.

Originally Posted by DeX-kun
Before we move on here, I agree that nobody forced her and that she did volunteer, but she did it for the people of Frontier and more importantly her friends, the people she cares about. If you ask where I get this from, well I recall a scene where she was tied up by Graces control so-to-speak, where she said that she wanted to go back to her friends and be with them again, if she didn't care then why would she think about that?
Actually, while she does think of returning to her friends (which is natural for anyone, considering that she's currently in the custody of Grace), her main reason for singing is Alto. Alto. The audience, the fame, the glamor of it all, all of which are only second to that one reason.

That is why after she sees him with Sheryl up on the roof, her song fails to get the right reaction from the Vajra because of the emotional despair she experiences upon seeing them together. Right then and there, she feels that her main reason for singing is all dashed into pieces on the roof.
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