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Originally Posted by monir View Post
Once again it was touched upon in the explanation by Ushio-IW and Kotomi in her Hidden World explanation. Ushio-IW said she was dreaming. She was learning about herself and the robot. It tells us that the Illusionary World made the Ushio-IW avatar by using lights from Ushio-RW. The lights are the projection of how people are seen in the Illusionary World. The lights are people's feelings.
I'm not exactly convinced because the IW got a winter, which is arguably strange for the world to disable its own avatar.
Furthermore, IW Ushio only understood her role after the "dream", so she was rather a distinct existence that was afterwards tied to the world without her knowing.
Tomoya-robot observed IW Ushio for a long time before being "invited" in the IW through the junk doll as a vessel.

Furthermore, I don't exactly see why IW Ushio would start saying the lights are "her feelings" if she was just the manifestation of a light orb of RW Ushio. That is like "feelings of a concept" instead of a "transcending being".

If all those lights are indeed used to create the miracle, it doesn't mean more lights won't be transcending into the Illusionary World from there on. Hence, the existence of the Illusionary World is always a given. The need for its existence will be there as long as people's feeling are in constant flow. Surely, the need for miracle won't end with Tomoya's either. As a result, the Illusionary World continues with its barren existence.
Well there is no real proof that the IW will still exist or not, especially its purpose was only a folkloric tale.
I personally believe that this "alternate dimension" is indeed still existing, but Ushio's IW achieved its purpose after the miracles.

Well that is only a matter of perception so.
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