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Originally Posted by panzerfan View Post
Well, wave functions are fed information, which in turn is an energy, and that energy in an alternate form is... mass that form matter/antimatter. In some sense, the crazy idea that you can take information and put together just about anything if you can understand the said information is kinda far out but a reality in the Quantum realm. Almost is magic isn't it... now whether or not if the feelings that Ushio/Tomoya has over Nagisa and his recollection of all the people they had helped would be those informations needed to glue all that 'stuff' together in the IW and all.
I know that the significance of the IW and the very existence of it can't be explained away without relying on the theoretical realm of Quantum Mechanics as soon as the word was uttered "dimension" in Clannad. There is also a chronological order that seems pretty apparent to explain how the miracle took shape.

Ushio is born. Nagisa dies. Tomoya forms a bond with Ushio. Tomoya tells Ushio about Nagisa. Ushio observes the emotion Tomoya wears every time he tells her about her mother. Ushio forms an impression by interpreting those emotions displayed by Tomoya. Ushio wants to give her father happiness. Her father's happiness is Nagisa.

Ushio dies.

IW comes to take interest at Ushio-RW's lights/feelings. An avatar is created that is Ushio-IW. The world and the other aesthetic are also replicated by interpreting whatever Ushio-RW perceived during her brief existence in the Other World. IW has yet to interpret what Ushio-RW wants.

IW comes in contact with Tomoya's light/feelings. IW correctly surmise to put Tomoya in the same world that is created after Ushio-RW. These two meet. IW has a complete picture of what the miracle needs to be about.

Nagisa cannot die at child birth.

And the eventual conclusion is as we see it.

Monir: you're right. Guilty as charged and know of it I really didn't want to be blatantly explicit either given how some people will choose to induce personal arguments with your words, so it always end up convoluted and indirect to the actual point at times. I am terrible at literacy level balance and it actually puts people off by sounding condescended. Subsequently, I've had alot of strawman pulled on me for things I wanted to get due to this attempt to avoid bashing.
Meh! A good poster always knows when not to give a damn about what others are saying negatively if the post itself explain things without becoming personal. You are more than a good poster.
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