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Originally Posted by Ledgem View Post
It's not just a matter of "taking each other's crap" - it's also about finding someone who you are willing to change for, and ideally who is willing to change for you, too. In that manner both people grow together and fully accommodate each other.

The reason why so many people have problems is because they forget that they need to give, too. If you're in a relationship and you're just expecting your mate to change and be perfect for you, you're selfish. If you're trying to change for your mate but feel that he or she is taking it for granted and/or not returning you the favor, you're being abused.
I agree 100% percent about with relationships it's not just about taking the crap of your partner but also about having the willingness to go through changes and improvements together....

I'm a strong believer of give and take in relationships, anything I receive from my partner I'm more then willing to return the favor.

However when I got into a discussion with the first person who I cared enough about to want to "change" myself, she shrugged it off saying it's stupid to change for anyone but yourself.....
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