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Well all things come to an end I guess, except that this one just decided to leave a bad taste in my mouth. Felt to me that this first season was more like laying the foundations for our understanding of the world of regios so that they can just pound on the fights in the next season, if there is one?

The start was decent to say the least, I spoiled myself abit by doing some research on it, but I felt that it flowed decently even without the spoilers. Basically main char comes in, gets forced to don a suit and goes back to his i-own-u-easily days. I think what make the real drop was the much awaited fight between Savaris and Layfon. I dont noe abt u guys, but I somewhere midway in the airing i felt a fight between savaris and layfon was inevitable, and had this feeling it was gonna be an epic match. As some1 pointed out earlier, maybe like a 'cloud versus sephiroth' battle. But lo and behold, the much awaited event arrives, fonfon gets beaten around abit, and just when playtime's over, Saya assists in the form of HB and Layfon ONEshots Savaris.

Really... W-T-F?

Yea maybe Saya is poweroverwhelming and all... But still... Savaris, put up a fight will u? Or did the animators get all lazy or smth. Maybe thats y many of us feel disappointed. But if you look past the fight, it IS a decent anime overall. U got ur harem going on, a guy who has no clue, some pretty fights here and there. Its a decent ending to one I guess, every1 returns to their normal lives, Leerin with her studies, the rest with their work; Felli with her imbal scouting, nina/layfon with their mechanic work/training. Doesn't make sense to NOT have a 2nd season, particularly after all that dreams and whatnot the wolfmen keeps talking abt. Just my 2 cents.

Well, enough ranting, anyone noe of any animes that are close to this? Somehow I got into the mood to watch this type of anime recently (harems ftw?), would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks.
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