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Originally Posted by justinstrife View Post
I'm neutral on Felli. I hardly notice her in the show so don't think I'm on her side. Infact I found her outright annoying while he was fighting the merc leader(I'm very very bad with names hence why I didn't get who you were referring to earlier).
That wasn't a comment to get on your nerves.
Originally Posted by Pradelus View Post
Well, technically she got her ass kicked by that one captain who saved her in the last Intercity match.
With the intervention with Layfon however, you can call it what you want.
It wasn't over yet and the rest of the platoon was playing brain-dead in that particular match. Did we see anyone except Layfon soloing whole platoons? I don't see why people assume that a character can either be god-like or weak and not something out of tons of levels of power in between. It should be common knowledge.
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