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I wouldn't say that implies lack of shame or anything - neither of them were dressed in an exposing manner, and even if one or two were in pajamas/nightgowns, it isn't that much of a big deal. Anime as a whole tends to exaggerate a whole lot, to the point where we almost take these exaggerations as the norm, but in reality you would be quite hard pressed to find someone who would actually flip out about this. It's Houki who is overreacting, not the other girls under-reacting - a sleeveless shirt and shorts isn't exactly an overly revealing outfit, which is what most of them were wearing.
And the fanservice is relatively tame. Minus the subtle gainaxing here and there and the straight off the book fanservice shots (Cecilia shower scene next episode)

Guess who gets the first post series launch color pic of being in an IS on pixiv?

Spoiler for Image size:
Old McDonald had a farm...Eyey Eyey O...And on his farm he had a Khzithak...Eyey Eyey O...With a ARHHFAHHAAAAAAAAARRRGIIIAAA HELP AAAUUU HELP! IT'S GNAWING OFF MY...
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