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Yeah, I think this won't be too much off-the-mark. I mean, the harem is obvious, the black and white morality is also seems likely because we don't see any grey character so far (or at least, definitely not Ichika and the girls, although that may change later, who knows) and the shamelessly far we already have the world's strongest military weapon built by a Japanese, a champion user is a Japanese, the best IS academy is also in Japan. Well, all that may be related after all, coming from the first factor, and at least they try to have a diverse cast/haremettes from multiple nations, let's just hope they won't get stereotyped too much.
I haven't seen evidence of this being true so far. Maybe there are characters that have yet to be introduced but if this show is anything like most anime of its calibre, it's supposedly international school will consist mostly of Japanese and one person from the three most popular European countries. Already they're playing to the pompous, casually nationalist Englishwoman stereotype so I'm not hoping for much.

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Spoiler for pick your poison:
Heh, what's funny is that I was so close without even clicking that spoiler.

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