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How funny that it pops up right after my dog picture

Well, it looks like the latest spoiler is correct - the one where Deneve preaches to Miria one to be precise, not the tunnel-system one which, I have to say, really got alot of us going

It's a very text-heavy chapter, so we'll really have to wait until the translations come out to say if it was really good or not....

I'm surprised that warrior didn't thrust upward when pulling the sword out of Hysteria....

In all honesty, their's nothing really I can say...I was happily surprised to see panels of Cassie and Roxanne duking it out, which they didn't say would happen...but other then that, it honestly looks like another build-up straightforward chapter.

ROFLMAO, I love Miria's superman pose before taking off...I suddenly imagine the theme song playing during this fight
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