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Your last three pieces of work are better than your previous. +1 on a great job. I like the 2nd one because it has a vector look. Nice job on that. The first one has a nice quality render with sharp looking bg. It's clean, simple, and presentable. Your last one would probably be my choice. I would work a bit on the big O, and the rest of the text. You have too much drop shadow on it. Reduce the distance to 2 and size to 1 or 2. Make the shadow a bit tighter than it is now. On top of that I would change the color of the black lines to complmenting colors such as a dark purple or dark blue... black really stands out. Quality of the render isn't to sharp, but it does compliment the bg.... so good job on that. Keep up the great work, can't wait to see more work. Oh yeah, so what kind of request is it?
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