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Which is true; we've seen that Rein-chan doesn't Unison particularly well with Vita or Signum, and Agito doesn't have a good connection to Zest. But Agito and Signum get along like fire and gasoline (almost literally!) and of course Hayate and Reinforce...

Hmm. Interesting thought--artificially created "universal" Linker Cores, like Type O blood, used to create Unison Devices that anyone can use effectively.

Kinda like a "Dummy Plug" Unison Device... and like the DPs of NGE, would be less effective than a true Meister/Unison Device.

... oh lawd, thanks to remembering the epilogue scene in which Rein refers to Hayate as "Meister..." now my brain's stuck on "Hayate Yagami, Gundam Meister of Celestial Being."

*has Gundam 00 on the brain*
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