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Whats weird is that i'm rather attractive from what I am told by people(MOstly girls I have shown my pic to online, well only 3 or 4, I should not forget those Gay guys at SFM) the only person who has called me "cute" in real life was some gay guy who was hitting on me. I came close to having a girl friend, But I would not realy count her as one, because she could not make it to the movies and a week later she was going out with some fatass. Probably what scares girls away is that i'm a Nerd(Dont look or dress like one) and i'm an insane evil perverted nutcase

And 100 bucks says I still will be single when i'm 20. But I realy dont care, nor do I get depressed about it(Because I dont think about it, I did get depressed when I did think about it) So dont feel bad about never having a girl friend when your 22, because there are alot of people who are in the same situation, and who needs a girl friend when you have a Computer and Broadband internet?

I will post my picture apon request.
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