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... have you ever been in love ? ...
i dont think soo ..
and i would call a 3 yea relationship love either .. what is love .. maybe you have to be there to feel it .. but .. you may confuse the word love with other words,
if you want a shoot for love .. you have to think about it ... i dont think that a solution for not having a gf/bf is to not care about it .. maybe that's what's driving the gf/bf away . if you dont care about it .. and u get used to be lonley you will get lonley for sure.. but you'r missing a great part of life ..
maybe you have to serch .. maybe you'r expecting too much out of balance , meet difrent people .. even if they laugh at you .. you have to accept that people will always have diferent opinions .. but you might find some one you like ..
just give it a try .. and if it fails .. dont give up you will have more experience for the next one
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