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Good stories at different school levels

OK, some people find they enjoy shows focused on students or people within specific age groups. I have a friend who would like to see more good, clean stories focused on college students (like Kamisama Dolls). I'm cool with all age groups but would enjoy seeing a semi-serious and well-drawn show centered on grade-schoolers, similar to Card Captor Sakura in art quality and cleanliness. There are several great shows built largely on the lives of grade-schoolers that aren't so clean, such as Ro-Kyu-Bu, Zettai Karen Children and Kyou no Go no Ni, and I like those as well, but I'm focusing here on the cleaner works. Other age groups are also good, and romance and conflict over mature issues is fine and welcome; since I was going to ask about elementary and college, I figured I'd just ask for a break-down of good shows focused on each school level. Manga's OK, but for this one no full-blown H.
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