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I went to a book festival last weekend, had my own booth. Sold enough books to pay for expenses so it's good. The fun thing is that the festival takes place on the red-bricked plaza in downtown Portland exactly where Blar first sees Tsika Tsarinkov.

I keep thinking about taking this thread down. The story has evolved so much that looking at my early drafts is kind of painful. The published version is a LOT better. You can own the first 3 books for less than $12 on Kindle. (Just search for the book series title). Here's one of the prints I sold at the festival. I'm putting photo prints up for sale on my Etsy store (search on 'bhbranham')

The extreme limits on images (100KB ???? ) on the AS server means you can't see the really rich detail and textures in the images. These things look fantastic in real life.
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