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Akira Theia
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I don't think I have caught up with a series as fast as I did with this one. Every chapter is just so good and all the main characters are lovable. I always enjoy a manga that can combine action, comedy and sweetness in a well-balanced way.

The only nitpick I have with this manga is that I would like Yor to have a little more agency. Her current place is no surprise since she's the only one in the family who is clueless to the plot, so her participation so far is completely incidental. Although, the only skill she has to offer is fighting, so I guess it's a little hard including her in the spy stuff without breaking the status quo of her and Loid being unaware of each other's secret identities. The moments where she protects Anya as a good mother and bonds with her new family are always great, but I'm a little concerned that Yor could lose spotlight to other characters that can help Loid in his real job like what happened with Nightfall in the last few chapters.

By the way, the tennis chapters were funny, but I'm still not sure about how I feel about Nightfall. She's coming off as something of a one-note character with her only gag being her inner fangirling over Loid and others misunderstanding her. I can't think of any reason why the author added her other than to have someone else besides Yuri wanting to break up Loid and Yor's marriage. Although, I know we're just getting to know her.

I personally would like more chapters like Loid and Yor's first date with the hilarious misunderstandings and Anya using her esper powers to save the day without her parents realizing it.
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