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Originally Posted by Kazu-kun View Post
Lol In just three chapters Nightfall had more screentime than Yoru since the start of the series. The mangaka really has no idea what to do with Yoru, huh?
I think the problem is partly Yor's real job as well as her relationship with Twilight not progressing much which is also parts Twilight's fault but for all we know this might change in the future.
Basically Anya with her esper powers and school setting as well as Twilight with his variety of god-like skills and spy job are easier to create funny and engaging situations for which are "wholesome". Yor with her super human strength and speed and agility and her hitwoman job is supercool and awesome but in a manga like SxF killing people is eh, not that funny. Which is why we had that Yor got a bullet in her butt chapter after showing the end result of her job at the start of sid chapter because showing Yor killing dozens of people and coming home with a smile is not as "wholesome" as Anya being angry at Damien, then reading his thoughts and doing something that makes the tsundere Scion fall even harder for her or Twilight surviving the crazy stuff happening at his work, like in this case an insane underground tennis tournament which was great.

I think Yor will profit the most from knowing either Twilight's or Anya's secret as that would give her more space to expand her character into as the current limitations she has as a fake mother of an esper girl, fake wife of a foreign spy and very real hitwoman of her own country. Obviously before we can have one or the other secret found out this family needs even more time to get closer together. Right now it would be too soon but that hurts Yor's appearance time as we either get Twilight Solo Spy jobs or Anya Solo School jobs with no Yor Solo Hitwoman jobs. The family or the married couple chapters are Yor's best chances to shine as the mangaka has apparently a hard time to let her do so on her own in her job.
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