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a truly enjoyable episode.... and finally Wilhelmina mentioned Mathilde's name....
the ending is very good in my opinion... even better than all of previous Shakugan no Shana's ending...

According to my lame memory, I thought Shana's existence has been erased since Yuji kidnapped her. But how come Chigusa still remember her?

wondering what is Pheles plan.... hopefully not another selfish one and messed up Yuji or Shana's plan

anyway, finally in this season, my wishes are realized.... Shana got many new party members... (quite bored with Margery and Wilhelmina... xD) and Chiara is there... yay!

now, Shana has become the leader..... looks like the final battle is approaching....

preview : what the hell is Yuji tried to do in Misaki City??? All Flame Haze are heading to New York while Bal Masque is heading to Misaki City.... looks like Yuji's plan is up ahead Shana's plan
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