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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Sigh... recently I've been getting negative rep for the smallest shit... I mean sure, it's fine if it's because I crap on yuri fans and their delusional pairings and self righteous attitude against anything with a penis- I wear that like a badge of honor.

But to get negative rep for not agreeing to a Kamijou saving Misaka scenario? Oh come on! How was anything I said offensive ? As it is Misaka doesn't have a lot of moments of badassery, do we really need to add 'can't even save her friends without a man by her side' to the list?

Granted, if it's like remnant arc where Kamijou only appears at the end to do one thing, I don't think it would affect much...
I agree. We get enough of Touma solving problems by punching them in the main series (As much as I love that). This is Railgun not Index

I don't think we need to worry though. The only reason Touma was the hero at the end of the Sister's Arc was because he did it in the actual series and the author is keeping Railgun canonical. Misaka will be the hero for the rest of the arcs.

I bet he'll show up at the end of the arc to fix everyone's memories, but he won't be defeating Shokuhou
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