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Originally Posted by asdffdsa View Post
For anyone who has played the VN, does this seem to be following Chisato's route? Out of all of the characters, I like her the best. Also, childhood friend rarely wins ;_; , please let this be an exception for once.
To answer your question specifically would require game spoilers, and you'll have to go to the game thread to ask for that.

That said, I can say one thing about the game structure that isn't a spoiler (but I'll put it in spoiler tags just in case anyone wants to be extra safe).

Spoiler for VN Game Structure; comparison to Episodes 1 & 2:
If you had asked me to speculate beforehand based on the promo material for this show, I would have speculated that the anime producers are trying to sort of set-up a rivalry/triangle with Satsuki and Chisato. But that's not really based on the game or anything else, just the way they promoted it in on posters and the like. I'm not sure that I can really either prove or disprove that theory/supposition at this point. I think we'll need more episodes to see how things go.

Edit: Other than that, regarding the first two episodes in general, I like the way things flow from one thing to the other. Even though they're hurrying to introduce as many elements as possible, it feels fairly well-paced. And Yuuki, as a main character, has a fair bit of personality; you can see why they all voted for him at the end of the episode, since he has a lot more charisma than he realizes.
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