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Originally Posted by zaeraal View Post
We have now a lot of activity due to the anime, but without it there were like 10 active people on the entire Index/Railgun forum
Once the anime ends, I will be probably talking to myself in the Railgun subforum..
(You have to think of the future a bit too)
But isn't that the same as every other sub-forum...? Most shows don't even get sequels, and they go to Older and eventually go to Retired. So this sort of lifecycle is, like, exactly the way this forum has always worked...

And besides, the massive overlap between Index and Railgun viewers is precisely why the on-topic rules are harder to enforce, because people keep wanting to talk about Index in Railgun anime threads, even though it's not allowed. The split does help reinforce that.

I'm not saying you're wrong (it's an opinion), but I think you may be overstating it a bit, since it's really not so different from most other shows on this site.

(I will say that I apologize for the fact that it seems so sudden and it's a lot of changes to take all at one time. But I'd least ask that people try for a while to give it a chance before condemning it too much. If it legitimately doesn't work out after trying and there's a better way that most agree on, then we can change it at that point.)
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