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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
But isn't that the same as every other sub-forum...? Most shows don't even get sequels, and they go to Older and eventually go to Retired. So this sort of lifecycle is, like, exactly the way this forum has always worked...
I understand that it will eventually become retired once manga and novel ends.
But so far manga and novel is going at a steady pace and it is (was) actively being discussed.
I am just worried that having to browse 4 forums instead of 1 will most likely discourage people from visiting all of them.
Meaning that after the anime ends, those 10 people that remains, will be split into 2 groups which will lead to less activity and faster end.
(even though the manga/novel might be still ongoing)

Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
And besides, the massive overlap between Index and Railgun viewers is precisely why the on-topic rules are harder to enforce, because people keep wanting to talk about Index in Railgun anime threads, even though it's not allowed. The split does help reinforce that.
The problem is that most not-casual people here didn't break any rules.
They were broken by casual people that watched/read Index sometime before, and the Railgun anime attracted them so they sought the appropriate anime thread.
The split is not really solving anything, they came there because they wanted to, not because it was linked to Index.

Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
But, the physical separation does make it easier to point to where things need to go, and that's pretty much all that can be done as far as I can tell.
If they were unable to read FAQ, nor the first post with rules, nor the wole name with topic, I doubt they will be able to understand your "hidden" meaning behind the split.
You will have to make a BIG RED SIGN before each post is submitted in the anime thread, saying
Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
But I'd least ask that people try for a while to give it a chance before condemning it too much. If it legitimately doesn't work out after trying and there's a better way that most agree on, then we can change it at that point.)
You can leave it for a week or so (for people to test it out) and try to make a pool afterwards to see if people like it or not.
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