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Originally Posted by zaeraal View Post
You can leave it for a week or so (for people to test it out) and try to make a pool afterwards to see if people like it or not.
I will probably be for much longer than week -- likely a few months at least. If you're mostly worried about when the anime stops airing, then we have time.

Originally Posted by RPG_Fanatic View Post
Would it be possible to create a quick link in the railgun sub-forum to jump to the index sub-forum and vice versa?
Maybe...? I don't know if vBulletin lets you do this. I'll look into it.

Edit: Okay, I came up with "a" way of doing it that you can see now. It's not super-pretty but it works nicely.

Originally Posted by RPG_Fanatic View Post
Does this mean the Index Novel discussion thread is almost ready to be unlocked?
That thread won't be unlocked (it's way too big and impossible for a new reader to do anything but just join the latest page), but (many) new threads will be created now that it has a sub-forum. There's a discussion going on in the sub-forum right now about how to organize these threads, so check that out if you're interested.

Originally Posted by Cosmic Eagle View Post
I think it's better to make an abilities and technologies thread for the Index novel section since plenty of discussion in the existing one comes from novel stuff
Is it better to move the existing one, or to create a new thread with the same topic?

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