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Originally Posted by Langus View Post
True, Orihime died in Shaken but I didn't include any graphic reference as to what happened to kill her. I just found the sword through her gut and blood coming out of her mouth as she talked to be a bit gore-ey for my liking. But part of being a writer is accepting that you can't possibly please everyone with what you put to paper. It's hard reading negative criticism sometimes (and believe me, I've had my fair share) but it's what happens after that counts. Do you let it get you down and stop writing, or do you take it in, evaluate what's useful from what isn't and continue to grow from there?
I get your point. You are a great fan fic writer so I appreciate all your tips. I will take what you all said and use it as guideline. It was only supposed to be a thin line of blood. When you are near death or dying you begin to bleed from your orifices. I was trying to be realistic. But I guess it was too realistic. ...You wouldn't happen to have a copy of "Fanfiction for dummies" lying around ?
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