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Creative, colorful, Japanese, but in an ultra-modern kind of way.

The music video's director also directed the recent, highly-rated movie Summer Wars. And while I sadly haven't watched it yet (waiting for R1 release), I believe a similar style of CGI and concept is present in that movie.


On the other hand, I find the way in which a number of anime employ CGI to be thoroughly off-putting, especially if they awkwardly coexist with more traditional animation. I put some of that to budget issues, other to a lack of experience, and the rest to creative disinterest. Sometimes integration between them work off excellently, as in the recent Sora no Woto or The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya's videogame episode (and subtly in other places -- to its credit). Other times it looks thoroughly out of place. School Rumble, for example, or Nodame Cantabile when Shinichi was supposed to be playing the piano. And in some pure CGI anime it still doesn't work at all, like in Karas, which I thought was ugly and unnatural.
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