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Originally Posted by Master_Yoma View Post
Where you been 99% of CG movies come from the US just so many of the same movie why do this world need 3 Toy Storys and 5 Shrek films
I don't know why you lump in toy story with shrek? I mean pretty much any pixar movie beats the snot out of most movies, well told, beautifully animated.

CG would be alright, but low budget cg is just ugly, most recent would be ga rei zero where the CG just didn't integrate well. I think once cg cost goes down and when the entire budge isn't squandered on bad CG then you'll see good cg anime but other than feature films I don't think you'll see any series using CG. Also karas really was cheesy cg effects and the story was rather bland as a series.
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