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not a writer myself, but a reader

just in case anyone on God's green Earth has not read this yet - .. this man deserves a Nobel Prize for this fic .. AND it's good for Hitsu-haters AND Hitsu-lovers simultaneously .. but really, it's just a crack-fic with plot! that'll make you chuckle every few lines

another ongoing - .. Starrk (with Lilynette), Halibel, Ulquiorra, Grimmy and an OC espada Tyn (very well done) survive the winter war (Aizen's dead) and .. live in the human world in gigai's (Urahara + Ichigo & Co. helped em out) like 'normal' humans, low-paying jobs and all .. and it's awesome .. features a Tia pairing (eventually) .. a sort of prequel by the same author (not really necessary to read for the sequel, but it's a good read as well) deals with an OC shinigami, his experiences and Neliel in SS

short and funny one-shot about captain auditions - (other Bleach fics of this author are well done too) - Bleach + Fate/Stay Night x-over .. well written, features Rider on the Karakura guys side - funny, random and crackish - this one I haven't read myself yet, but plan to .. if someone has read, maybe some thoughts ?
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