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Okay, got it today and ... it's very small. I was expecting a huge box or something but it's about twice as thick as the Kanon v1 DVD I got with it and not even as tall. Still, better for storage I guess. The discs themselves are the same size as regular DVDs, and are all picture-labelled with some of the characters. Misuzu gets one, as does Kanna, Kano and Minagi, then there's a bigger image going across the back which is only half visible because the discs appear to be stuck to one side! Maybe I'm not trying hard enough. I tried to take pics but due to the lack of light they came out terrible and not worth uploading. I'll try again tomorrow.

Can't comment on video quality or anything, but the TV I was thinking of has gone down on price now so I'll probably get it in January, then it's just a case of waiting for the PS3 to go down in price then...

Photos! I apologise for how shoddy some of them came out, but it's getting dark stupidly early here lately and I don't exist in the mornings, so I've gotta make do with the flash. Which doesn't like shiny surfaces at all. Those ones above are like the best of 20 attempts at each. Kanna came out the worst because her side of the box is stuck down so I had to hold the other discs from falling on top of her.

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