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Originally Posted by SFX2501 View Post
w00t i got my AIR today and ran to my PS3 to start playing, I haven't seen the DVD version so I can really do a comparison but what is this compression issue on it, did they do it bad so they used lots of DVD's or does the image look jaggy? because this is what was on my PS3, the images were horrendously jaggy indicating the PS3 has no AA for Blu-Ray or Pony Canyon sucks but everything else: the color and the sound are really good.
Actually, now that I reread this, I think you've been hit by the ugly bugbear of the PS3 - namely, that it cannot play 720p Blu-ray content, and, if I remember correctly, the remastered version of AIR (excluding the OP) is upscaled to 720p, not 1080x. So your PS3 isn't actually even capable of playing 720p video; apparently it can output movies in 1080p, 1080i and 480p, and that if a source doesn't conform it will downscale the signal. Also, do you have a 1080p television? As the PS3 also does a nasty trick to televisions that are 720p, largely downscaling all signals there too.

The bottom line here is that the AIR Blu-ray box might actually look pretty good; the general impression around the 'net seems to be so. Sadly though, this might only apply to people using a standalone Blu-ray player, *or* those with a 1080p television. Complainable? Oh yes - feel free to congratulate Sony; they're the ones who crippled PS3 Blu-ray.

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