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I'm actually rather satisfied with the cast. Brina Palenica is a pretty good voice actor with some decent range and I can see her potentially doing a good Horo. As for J. Michael Tatum, I think its an acceptable fit for Lawrence as Tatum's voice does have a kind of Lawrence quality to it.

Although if I were to choose the cast I would have Caitlin Glass as Horo. She possesses the right timbre for the role. She can play a role that is slightly childish and vulnerable. She has also shown the ability to voice both the serious moments and the more playful moments; both are present in Spice and Wolf.

Also I'd have Travis Willingham as Lawrence. He would be perfect for the role in my opinion as he has the mature yet youthful, smooth sounding voice that is required for Lawrence (and heck he is probably one of the best male voice actors available).

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