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Originally Posted by LKK View Post
My biggest concern about the dub is how the cast will pronounce "Horo" / "Holo". Will they emphasize the "r" sound like how the Japanese pronounce sounds to me? Or will they pronounce it according to the official romanization and emphasize the "l" sound? My fear is that they'll say "Holo" and that'll just sound wrong to me.

And for the record, yes, I will be watching the dub. My hubby has vision problems that make reading subtitles nighe impossible for him. I want to show him Spice and Wolf which means we'll be watching with the English track. Although when I'm watching it by myself, I'll stick with the Japanese track because I think the Japanese voices are perfectly done on this series.
I'm unfamiliar with the cast for the most part... and yeah, I suspect I'll simply be wincing at each "Holo" because I can't think of many instances where an english VA pronounced names in the Japanese style when they're delivering english-localized dialog.

Similar problems here though... wife has astigmatism that makes DVD format subtitles difficult for her. Some of the fansubs do great jobs with subtitle fonts/colors, but the DVD protocol is very limited. Soooo, I really hope the dialog is written well for the VAs. Sometimes it isn't the VA's fault that they're given abysmal dialog
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