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Originally Posted by Zwei View Post
New Sig:

C&C welcome.
I like this a lot better, looks really good in my opinion, my only problem is that the pink used for the arrow jumps a bit, try using another pink, perhaps one similar to the one in the girl's clothes.

Originally Posted by Rhyel View Post
My Try:

C&C Please.
The idea is good, however we have a bit of bad combination here in terms of colors, at thje left side we have plain colors, variations of blue-purple-gray and a pale coloration in the girl's face, while at the right side, we have a much darker bg with colorfull and a bit chaotic combination. Try to focus on only one of these two so the sig can look more armonic.

Originally Posted by KiNA View Post
edit.. cant find it :'( .. but I do found this .. I see arrows!!!

lol, I like it

Originally Posted by ganbaru View Post
Thank for the imput everyone. I corrected the text, reworked the render ( used the older version's render for a shadow) and sliced the sig, allowing to be bigger. C&C are always welcome.

The problem with the previous sig was than it was too normal and I think than for the SOTM I should try something more unnusual.

@ PreSage yes, the render was squished but in my defence I have to say than it isn't really what I would call a easy render :
Spoiler for image source, regular resolution of a illustration from a light novel:
I like your idea for going with something unnusual, however this sig still needs work. First, the sig is totally in a grayscale, the purple text should really be removed, I think oit would be better no text at all, second, the render loos squiished and pixelated, the light on it is not good eother, try leaving it as pure black, how? On the layer of the render click+control on it (layer window) then go edit/fill and choose black, also, when redousing the render to feet the sig, hold the "shift" button so it will not loose proportions.
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