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Originally Posted by Kealym View Post
Yeah, Eva being in the Kuwadorian alone is already suspicious. Kratsuhi and Jessica being in the Kuwadorian alone would require QUITE the story to not arouse suspicion.
Actually it would make more sense for Krauss and Co to be there than for Eva.
He lives on the island so he might know about Kuwadorian and could have said he went there to... hum... prepare an halloween party and the siblings were supposed to join him when KABOOM.

Or that he and his family were supposed to take some stuffs from the place and carry them back.

But actually even Eva might have made up a story that would have made it look all right for her to be there. What about 'before the storm I went out for a walk, got lost and ended here just when the storm was starting. Since it was safe I wanted to wait for the rain to stop before going back and I even used the telephone line to warn the others I was safe. No idea what happened to them, I just hear a KABOOM and then...'

The really weird thing isn't that she's in Kuwadorian, it's that she offers no explanation about how or why she got there.

Originally Posted by Kealym View Post
It is somewhat strange.
"Well okay, but we WILL NOT be party to some strange incident."
"No problem them. I just want you to play a part is an elaborate murder mystery scenario as I off your siblings one by one."
"Well I guess there isn't anything too strange about that."
Exactly. It's just plainly weird, the sort of thing that seems forced by the author and doesn't feel natural at all.

Originally Posted by Kealym View Post
I also mention that in this scenario, come on, they HAVE to know it's Shannon pointing a gun at them, wearing some obscene ballgown. What I'm REALLY interested in is this whole "Kanon" thing, from their perspective.
Well, in the VN wherever they see Beato they don't seem to recognize her for Shannon (see Ep 2 with Kyrie & Rosa and EP 7 teaparty) but this might be excused with either the scene being a lie or missing something.

What's odd is how no one seems to notice that Shannon and Kanon have the same face despite not being related. I mean... in Our confession Krauss and Natsuhi's attention might have been more focused on the gun than on Beato's face (people at whom was pointed a gun sometimes say they're unable to recognize/describe who did this because 'too focused on the gun') but what's their excuse for not noticing Shannon and Kanon's resemblance?

They aren't so cold they don't look at the servants in the faces, and the matter becomes even more serious when you think at Battler, George and Jessica (or Erika, unless she was really that sure that servants couldn't be the culprits she never spared them a second glance)
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