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I was mostly kidding about Yasu and her issue, but she had to be at least pretty regardless of her opinion. I mean, everybody wants her... and if Battler, who strikes me as the type who flirts with pretty girls, made that embarrasing pony promise to her, and then George tried to get her, and then Jessica tried to get her too... well.
On the other hand it could be the maid outfit. A lot of people loves meidos.
I was skipping trough the early games. I don't remember exactly where, but there's a discussion that made me lol, where Jessica is talking about Sayo being her best friend in the guesthouse and George goes very defensive on her. George is all like 'Hey, everything's allright and we're gonna marry' with his weird glasses, and Jessica is 'You don't have to rub it in my face, you know?'. Shannon is just there being unconfortable.
And apparently George had heard before about those two frienship (cue shiny glasses of doom and 'inmediate' response about going to marry soon).
If one uses Shkanon in that scene, it gets really funny XD
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