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Thanks for the translation Enigmatic.

Originally Posted by blackwhite67 View Post
I thought Jin could only make a pact because he inherited a gift from his ancestor who won it in a Game with King Solomon?
Well yes his gift grants him full control over the spirit despite himself being weak so it's different from a normal summoner, but making a pact with a spirit isn't exclusive for him.

Apparently if you clear all the conditions of the demon lord's game he'll be enslaved and revived if he died in the game. I have no source though (if you consider JP wiki trustworthy) and don't remember it being explained in the LN, but that's the explanation for Pest and Leticia still alive, apparently it's from author's twitter (read from somewhere on the internet).

But yeah, I can't see how Izayoi will beat this guy. Even if he has a chance, he's too heavily injured and in no condition for a fight like this.

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