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Originally Posted by Daniel E. View Post
Hey Demon Eyes, did you vectored Nanoha and Fate in full? (as in, thier whole bodies)

If you did, I think it would be a good idea to post them in a different version, just so that fans of the show can have them individually.
Sadly, I didn't. I put the characters together first and then did them all together. My God! The RAM....

But I can do them separately if there is a demand for them. I don't dig Kan-u but I did her since someone asked me...

Anyway, here is the second version of that cross over...


I just love Diva...

*WARNING* *WARNING* - The image at the download link is around 10Megs or so. So please tread carefully. If you want a smaller size, it's still at 4chan Anime wallpapers.

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