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Originally Posted by Ferv. View Post
Oh yea, I confused myself too lol muddled the two episodes. =_=;

lol how about for those red hints though that since it wasn't passed through anyones hands it was passed through legs lmfao.
Of course! The culprit just walked on his hands from the cousin's room to the chapel holding the key on his naked feet! That's perfect! Mistery solved!

Originally Posted by Muyasuki View Post
I also think that Eva's note in the door was more of a bluff then a truth.
Well Eva was clever there. Before telling her intentions she made Natsuhi confirm that she noticed a receipt on the floor after she opened the door. In that way Natsuhi couldn't say that there wasn't any receipt in the first place anymore.

Originally Posted by Muyasuki View Post
Also, in the first episode, was it ever confirmed that everyone who died in the first twilight died at the same time?
As far as I know, no. And I don't think it was ever stated for any of the first twilights.

Originally Posted by Muyasuki View Post
Also towards the question of the envelope with the key in episode 2, was it ever said in red that it was the ONLY envelope? I'm pretty sure that Maria already knows who is behind the murders on the island and could easily help in this regard. If she opened the envelope . . . used the key for the cuplrit . . . then put the key in a second already prepared envelope . . . there would be no problem. As long as it was only Maria that was using the key.
This is one of the two main theories. This one however depends on how you interpret "through no ones hands". Since Maria didn't actually touched the key directly it could be said that she is also included on that definition and that means she couldn't use the key either. Conversely the supporters of that theory claims that it must be interpreted as "through no one else's hands".

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