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Kyrie-Leviathan link is pretty much confirmed, but there's a bit of confusion about the rest.

For example everyone thought Rosa should be paired with Satan since Rosa is definitely the one who is more prone to anger than anyone else, however EP4 seems to rather point that her major sin is "lust".

And one would wonder why it isn't Rudolf since it is well known that he is a philandered who got two women pregnant at the same time. And why is he paired to Belphegor even though he's been described as a workaholic by Ange?

Eva strikes me as greed especially after EP3, but some says pride.

Natsuhi is the one who is more fixated with the family honor so you could say pride, but she's also the one who's more prone to anger after Rosa.

Hideyoshi seems the only one who could be paired with Beelzebub, and he's been staked by her before. 'though it's not like we really got many reasons to believe that Hideyoshi is a glutton and we have neither any scene with Hideyoshi interacting with Beelze.

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