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Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
And one would wonder why it isn't Rudolf since it is well known that he is a philandered who got two women pregnant at the same time. And why is he paired to Belphegor even though he's been described as a workaholic by Ange?
Actually, that fit with Belphegor. Despiting representing the sloth, she is the one who work the hardest isn't she? She says it is to encorage the others to do nothing (since she do all herself). So maybe Rudolf work so mcuh so Kyrie don't have to work herself? She doesn't work right?

If you think beyond just the sins, Rosa fit Asmodeus very well, as the younger and more childish. Same for Krauss and Lucifer, as the older child, but also the less competent one. He is also very prideful, trying to proove his worth to Kinzo no matter what (what was his biggest sin, as only caused problem to him).

Then I gues Natsuhi is Satan, Eva, Mammon, and Hideyoshi is Beelzebub. Natsuhi and Eva fit with their demons' sin, but I don't see any similarity beyound that. And Hideyoshi... he sin is gluttony because... he is fat? I don't know, really.
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