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Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
I can understand what they were going for... But when you have a very unsympathetic character (For me and many others at this point) going around failing the entire series with his little ideas the whole time, and then in an arc devoted him to him exclusively have him fail once more on an even grander scale... It just paints his character as utterly incompetent, and he is further overwhelmed by the female cast around him.

In the end, he took responsibility for failing yet again, but what am I supposed to take from this? Cool he went on a wild goose chase and was man enough to admit he screwed up. So is the lesson that he should never do anything again? That he should always be on the side lines? I mean I don't get what the point of this arc was. I don't felt it did good for his character, rather it was just the opposite.
I wasn't a fan of this episode either, but I don't think it was lacking a message or a purpose.

The most predictable way to show growth in Enishi's character would have been to have him succeed at something big. The message there being that the ablility to take charge and succeed is the barometer of personal worth and maturity.

Instead, the episode suggested that the way you deal with failure is more reflective of character than your ability to create success. That's actually an interesting take on Enishi's and Takako's characters that I wasn't expecting.

It could have been better executed, but I don't think the intent behind the episode was misguided. (I now realize that that sentence is a strange meta-reference to the episode itself, but it wasn't originally intended that way.)
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