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Look, you're not wrong, and I know what you're trying to say, but I guess the point I am trying to make is that yes, those are people understanding, and misunderstanding, but so what? So people understanding each other is good, and misunderstandings are bad, but that's common sense. Just because theres a misunderstanding, doesn't mean the writers are trying to make that a thematic element. When you look in other shows, which make such profound claims as "peace is only reached through understanding" then you know you have something.
I guess my point all along is that, while understanding may not be the main theme in CE, it is still there as part of the story in one form or another. Heck, half of the time, the pilots are all accusing each other of not understanding the situation, thus making the situation worse in their opinion. (e.g. Athrun to Cagalli/Kira regarding their intervention)
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Shin was an irrational teenage punk. There was no taking Stella in, she had already been captured and she almost strangled a ZAFT doctor. That would have been all his fault because she was his prisoner, his responsibility. There was nothing to understand there, Stella needed to be put down.
That's what happened anyway.
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