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Originally Posted by Znozzy View Post
I really hated that. No-kill policies are completely unrealistic and doesn't achieve anything. One of the reasons I hated SEED/Destiny.

For example, in Gundam 00 Setsuna stopped the fighting not by doing a no-kill policy but actually going DIRECTLY to the head and opening up "negotations" to get them to understand.

In a Green Lantern issue, a new Green Lantern tried to stop a war by confiscating all the weapons but that only resulted in escalating the conflict as the two sides simply bought out even bigger guns. The war was only resolved because a veteran Green Lantern went DIRECTLY to the leadership and bought both leaders to an understanding.

The only way Kio is going to bring an end is to take out Ezcelant and free the Vagans from his control. Then they can ease in. The Federation has already proven that it is willing to negotiate in the first place (And that was when Flit was even the Supreme Commander). Unless the Gundam spreads some sort of "understanding" particle but then that'd be complete BS and out of character with AGE Gundam.
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