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Pretty crazy that the first railgun they create is a light machine gun. It would be easier by an order of magnitude or two to cool the barrel and rails of a railgun with a lower rate of fire.

Pity though that this world never developed airburst rounds. Why bother shooting through Destroyer armor when you can just go around it?
A railgun is not a weapon that uses electricity ? this means that you can put more energy than a normal bullet that uses gunpowder. The more energy you put in the bullet the better are the speed, range and penetration Ė that why the raingun rate of fire is very slow making them more like a sniper rifle than a machine gun
I donít know what is worse, seeing a burst railgun or seeing the guys killing the aliens face on. It would make far more sense if the railgun was used to snipe the laser class so the others mecha can be safely killing the others from the air like always.
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