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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
I used to have the source link for that... it pretty much scores Romney as an empty suit with no empathy at all for anyone outside his tiny world bubble of privilege.

I look at him and I look at the highly qualified guy who dropped out of the primaries so early (Huntsman) and I can only conclude the GOP is utterly broken, driven by plutocrats and zealots so disconnected from reality they believe the shit they're spewing. (sorry for the profanity there)
Profanity is A-Ok when talking about the GOP.

The GOP is broken. They are hastily marching towards self destruction. The GOP could come crashing down and then they'd have to try to rebuild from there. Hopefully what they rebuild is far better than the horrible mess that they are now. You figure they would. They wouldn't want to build up the same mess of a party after a self destruction.

What is a plutocrat. I have an idea, but I'm not entirely sure who these plutocrats are that you mention.
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