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Papa Shirogane may be eccentric but he cares a lot about his kids and is more mature than he lets on.

Originally Posted by Shadow5YA View Post
It's out now.

I stand by my previous stance. The whole chapter seems like it's hinting that Kaguya will be temporarily leaving her Shinomiya estate to live with the Shiroganes. Not only does the advice Kei talked out line up with it, but so does that fact that Kaguya was able to not only visit their household on her own, but also sleep over despite everyone being aware that the Shinomiya family is keeping strict tabs on her.

It's strange that Kaguya has the family's permission to do this, unless she never had their permission and decided to go off on her own. Before this, even Hayasaka mentioned that generally the only real privacy Kaguya got was when she was inside the Student Council room. Why would she risk doing this unless she was willing to go all the way out?
Read the translation, and I agree with you now. It fits the advice as well as the events of the chapter.
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