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Guess it should've been clear things would go somewhere like this. The story is, after all, based on the legend of Kaguya-hime, or a certain interpretation of it, and this legend did involve a tragic separation. In the legend Kaguya-hime is forced to return to the moon with her people and gives the emperor an elixir of immortality. In the interpretation suggested in the story by Miyuki, this wasn't some sort of parting gift or wish to save him from eventually dying, but rather an expression of a desire for him to wait for her until one day she'd find a way to come back to him; as I recall Miyuki went on to say that if he'd been the legendary emperor he wouldn't have burned the elixir or just sat and waited, he'd find a way to reach her no matter what it took. So, if things are going to follow that path, Kaguya indeed tells Miyuki to accept a temporary separation and pursue his own life with a promise that she would find a way to free herself and return to him; he'll probably accept in part, but at the same time refuse to just sit and wait, and instead dedicate himself to finding a way to reach her, to break her free from her situation and take her away. I certainly look forward to what's to come, and hope it's at least as awesome as I imagine it could be.
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