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Originally Posted by Lex79 View Post
Not a huge fan of this development, especially if it will lead to them going separate ways only to be reunited in a distant finale in the last chapter.
I'm strongly betting against it ending that way, since again Miyuki has clearly stated that he wouldn't accept that sort of thing, that if he were the emperor left behind by the princess Kaguya, he'd get back to her no matter what. I can't see him just sitting by and waiting for things to work out.

And Anh Minh, sorry but I think Endscape's right: the heir of the Shinomiya household don't want her to have control of her life. Letting her go to Stanford and develop connections would be very inconvenient. For one thing, he sees her as a tool for advancement through strategic marriage. For another thing, it's doubtful that he's failed to realize that she's not ok with the current state of the family, and since she's a fellow child and potential heir (or if they refuse to let a girl inherit, at least has potential to marry a capable heir who could ruin him) he certainly would want to prevent her from getting out from under his thumb.
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