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The thing is Alicia Machado is brought up by Clinton in the debates, so this is basically a trap Clinton had set. And Trump walked right into it. This just might be what Clinton will do going forward in the next few months. Instead of waiting for Trump to screw up, control what Trump screws up on.

Trump is easily manipulated.
If that is the Democrats strategy to win, that is a tragedy for American public to see how US election has turned into , isn't it?

In fact, Lee Fang of the Intercept (one of the few true journalist left btw), posted about how the MSM include Guardian, Vox, Cosmo already have sent journalists to interview and film video of Machado ("drapped in flag" as quoted, probably to make her more "American") before the debate, waiting to publish their article. Hillary campaign colludes with MSM for this manufactured scandal? No one is even suprised anymore, as the DNC email leaks already proved it to be true

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